Police to hire crack team of prophets to tackle armed robbery

The Ghana Police Service is expected to announce the formation of a special unit of prophets to deal with the spate of daring broad daylight armed robberies across the country.

The new unit will be known as PHONEY – Prophetic Helicopter Operations & National Emergency Yellers. The prophets will be expected to use their spiritual helicopters and supernatural antennas to help intercept robberies and predict other national disasters.

The PHONEY team will be headed by the newly recruited Detective Sergeant Angel Obinim and he will be supported by four other prophets who have also made a career out of predicting the obvious.

An official at the Ministry of Interior confirmed the story, adding that the move was in line with the government’s campaign to promote made-in-Ghana products.

“We are making use of homegrown spiritual technology. It’s better and more effective than any surveillance helicopter or drone from the US or China.”