Political parties unveil 40-year work avoidance plan

Leaders from all sides of the political divide have backed an elaborate plan highlighting how elected leaders will continue to neglect their duties over the next 40 years.

The blueprint which was put together by a multi-party committee is the latest effort to preserve a political class which is facing a barrage of “purposeless lamentations” from its electorate. According to the committee’s statement released at a press conference this morning, the comprehensive document has been titled “We Can Fool All The People All The Time” to reflects the desires and vision of Ghanaian political leaders. The statement also added that “the 40-year framework will be legally binding on all successive governments, ensuring that elected leaders are able to shirk responsibilities without incurring legal or political consequences.”

In order to achieve a successful implementation of the 40-year plan, the committee called for greater cross-party collaboration on a number of issues which includes “greater cooperation between MPs from the various parties in gagging and humiliating critics, and the cultivation of more footsoldiers and sycophants to detract attention from real issues.”

Answering questions about how the committee chose to have a development plan which spreads over such a long period of time, a senior member of the committee admitted that “just like the proposed national development plan, the 40 years is an arbitrary figure plucked out of thin air.”