Politicians grateful the World Cup is giving them respite from public scrutiny

An umbrella organisation representing all the political parties in Ghana has issued a joint statement expressing gratitude to FIFA, the Black Stars and the entire Ghanaian media community for succeeding in temporarily shifting public attention away from the obvious failings of politicians.

“In a country where most of us politicians are only a sentence away from uttering something absolutely nonsensical or only a step away from being exposed for our habitual shady dealings, it is refreshing to see the media focus the public’s attention away from us to the World Cup,” the statement said.

One politician who talked to our news team after the press statement revealed his health has improved remarkably since the World Cup begun. “I tell you my brother, my BP has remarkably gone down since the World Cup begun. I don’t have to worry about appearing in the newspapers for having my palms generously greased by some foreign investors. Even if it’s reported, most Ghanaians are too busy watching football to pay any attention.”

Another said, “these are good times for us politicians. We can now dip both hands into the national purse and most people wouldn’t notice. They’re too busy working out the mathematics involved in qualifying the Black Stars from Group G.”

“And now GFA officials have managed to get themselves in the limelight for match fixing, it feels like we’ve been given a long holiday away from public scrutiny and criticism. The YesiYesi Ghana dwarfs can give us a minute to breath while they deal with these GFA boys.” he added.

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