Politicians to be crucified in an annual Good Friday re-enactment

As part of annual Easter holiday celebrations, Ghanaians want their elected leaders to take part in re-enactments  of Christ’s crucifixion.

The proposal which has gained the support of millions of ordinary Ghanaians will see several members of parliament from across the different political party nailed to a wooden cross to mimic the ultimate sacrifice of leadership. “The story of Easter is about a selfless leader who made the ultimate sacrifice and we want to see our own leaders demonstrate their readiness to give up their lives in like manner,” explained a support of this new proposal.

The re-enactment will be modelled after a Filipino ritual which involves devout Christians being nailed to a cross during Easter celebrations. Supporters of the proposal explained that every political party represented in parliament will present an MP to be ‘crucified’ by a selected group of citizens who will be dressed as Roman soldiers. Like the Filipino version, the ‘Roman soldiers’ will hammer sterilised nails into the hands and feet of the MPs.

They were quick to point out that the ‘crucifixion’ will not result in any fatalities and it is not to be seen as a punishment but “a constant reminder that leadership is about sacrificing for the people.”

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