Politicians to spend 4 years in jail after every 4 year term

The people of Ghana are calling for the amendment of the country’s constitution to include a compulsory 4 year jail term for all political office holders after every 4 years in office.

The proposed amendment is in response to the unending series of corruption scandals which has become a feature of Ghanaian politics. “Not a day passes without one politician or the other getting exposed for stealing from the national coffers. Not a day passes without news of our political leaders taking decisions that simply defy common sense,” lamented one concerned Ghanaian business woman.

Another supporter of the proposed amendment argued that Ghanaians have wasted enough time trying to prevent brazen thieves politicians from plundering the national coffers. “It is now safe to assume that they will all steal. So the best way to deal with this is to issue a blanket punishment for all politicians. 4 years at Nsawam sounds fair to me,” he opined.

Another added that “the word ‘politician’ has become synonymous with the word ‘thief’, hence politicians should be treated as such.”

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