Prez and ministers to hit the streets in protest against increased pressure to perform better

The president and his ministers are set to hit the streets of Accra to protest against what they describe as “unreasonable demands by Ghanaians.”

One minister summed up the frustration of his colleagues, “Ghanaians keep making outrageous demands. Today they ask for running water and regular supply of electricity, tomorrow they demand effective solutions to stem the fall of the Cedi and the day after they want an end to the blatant misappropriation of public funds. Too many outrageous demands.”

Another minister of state ranted, “enough is enough! We are tired of hearing about these calls for transparency and accountability. Accountability and transparency have no place in our politics. All these are foreign concepts; we will not allow the so called middle class people to force these things down our throat.”

The protest, which will be led by the president, will see the nation’s leader and his ministers march through the major streets of the capital bearing placards and dancing to azonto tunes. They will be clad in white to signify their continued resistance against irrational Ghanaian citizens who keep calling for improvements in socio-economic conditions.

Dozens of the placards have been made for the march, with a number of them bearing inscriptions like: “Children, obey your parents- Ephesians 6:1” “Yentie Obiaa” “RedFriday……and so what?” and “You OccupyFlagStaffHouse, we occupy our pockets with your money”

Personnel of the Ghana Police Service will be on hand with their CSI vans to ensure the protest is conducted in a peaceful manner.

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