Revealed! ‘Coke’ woman travelled on a Kpakpakpa Mov’t passport

The news reports on the recent drug trafficking scandal has been nothing but a muddle of conflicting reports. Did she travel on Ghanaian or Austrian passport? Is it a diplomatic or an ordinary citizen’s passport?

Well, YesiYesi Ghana can confirm the woman at the centre of the cocaine trafficking scandal travelled to the United Kingdom on a Kpakpakpa Movement passport.

According to the leader of the popular Kpakpakpa Movement, “it is only a holder of a Kpakpakpa Movement passport that can sail through the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) with 12kg of cocaine in their hand luggage.”

He made the revelation in a statement issued this morning in an attempt to give the Ghanaian public some clarity concerning the incident. “Don’t be taken in by the conflicting stories in the media. Yesterday they said the woman is called Angel Ruby, today she is Nayele and tomorrow she’ll be Chaskele. They just want to confuse you. All you need to know is that this woman travelled on a Kpakpakpa Movement passport.”

The leader of the movement wondered why the Ghanaian government was showing keen interest in the story when Ghana’s Narcotics Control Board (NACOB) claims the woman in question traveled from KIA on an Austrian passport. “The Ghanaian government should follow their Austrian counterparts and leave the matter to the Kpakpakpa Movement. The woman travelled on a Kpakpakpa Movement passport so she is our responsibility.”

Asked how one acquires this obviously powerful Kpakpakpa Movement passport, the leader replied in his usual fashion, “Yes! You have asked a question. How do you get a Kpakpakpa Movement passport? Same way you get a diplomatic passport these days, you pass one party office, you pay one or two and elaborate yourself.”


Watch the Kpakpakpa Movement’s leader here————>

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