Roses are red Denims are blue

While cholera threatens the lives of the residents of the Ghanaian capital- the supposed gateway to Africa, the dwarfs, in their hideout- deep within the recesses of the Akuapem mountains, seem to have been seized by the lovebug. In their lovebug ridden state, the dwarfs present a filthy rendition of the famous love poem- Roses are red Violets are blue

Roses are red
Denims are blue
I’ve never seen a gutter cleaner as dapper
As you

Roses are red
Wheelbarrows are new
It looks like just another
PR stunt too

Roses are red
See the cheering crew
Shamelessly bootlicking
as if on cue

Roses are red
Policies are poo
Free loo for kids
Is that the best you can do

Roses are red
Oko has no clue
Filth engulfs the city as fast
as his beard grew

Roses are red
The gutter looks new
Now where do we dump this garbage Oko?
Agbogbloshie or Lavender Hill you choose

Roses are red
Good residents are few
The littering residents of Accra
Shame on you too

Let your creative juices flow. Send in your version of this poem lamenting the filth engulfing the city of Accra and the rest of the nation. Add the hash tag #RosesAreRed and post on either the YesiYesi Twitter or Facebook page. The top 3 will be published on

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