Roses are red: the compilation

Rose are red,
Uncle Oko doesn’t have a clue,
He takes a quick a step back,
Johnny don’t mess up my white shoe.

Rose are red
Uncle Oko thinking there,
That’s my job the president is doing,
Signs that a promotion is brewing.

Rose are red,
John 3 took us too seriously ,
We said the economy was in the gutters,
We didn’t mean that literally

Efo Dela @Amegaxi 

Roses are red, violets are blue
I write not because YesiYesi asked me to
My lecturers are on strike, what else can I do?
Than pick a pen and scribble a few truths.

Roses are red, denims are blue
If rubbish where animals Accra’s a zoo
Better late than never says the bearded keeper
The slopes of our waste dumps growing steeper.

Roses are red, most satchets are blue
The time for paper shopping bags is due
But that would put Zoomlion out of business innit?
That’s no motive? Please explain, I just don’t get it.

Roses are red, littering is not cool
Kids would learn this if teacher mentioned this in school.
He’s a fool who learns not from his mistakes
9000 cases of cholera, lives are at stake.

Gabriel Karikari @Yaw_karikari


Roses are red
Gutters green
Our disease our killing
While we sit shitting

 Henry ‏@antiaye82


Roses are red
The gutters are black
But waakye can’t wait
Because Uncle Johnny will clean
All for a bitter-better Ghana

Stephen Kwesi Assan @pakashassan