Students involved in rigging Legon SRC election confident of becoming politicians ‘in the future’

A number of University of Ghana students who have been implicated in the university’s recent Student Representative Council (SRC) elections say they are “confident of becoming successful politicians in the future.”

The students whose names have been withheld said “they are cut out to become politicians” after their audacious attempt to manipulate election results came to light. They each claim to possess “a knack for deceit, craftiness, and dishonesty” which puts them in good stead to become a successful politicians.

“We can lie, we can give and receive bribes and we can rig elections. Our talents will go to waste if we fail to enter the Ghanaian politics. We can’t think of a better way to utilise our skills,” remarked one of the Legon students.

Another student disclosed that since reports of the scandal surfaced, they have been approached by several political parties with offers of various mentorship opportunities.

“The big parties are all chasing after us and you can understand why. We are all cut from the same cloth,” he said.

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