Tamale All Stars to be renamed FC Useless Questions

Plans are underway to change the name of the Division One football club Tamale All Stars to FC Useless Questions, according to reports.

The planned name-change follows the acquisition of the Tamale club by Mahama Ayariga, the current Minister of Youth and Sports. A source inside the club revealed the name change reflects a new direction for the club and the new owner’s believe that “questions about accountability and conflict of interest are indeed useless.”

As part of the changes by the new owner, the club will also adopt a new motto- “We get Oga at the very top.” This motto, according to our source, aptly captures the ability of the club’s new owner and Minister of Youth and Sports, “to influence decisions in the club’s favour.”

Fans of the club have already nicknamed the club Useless- a contraction of the new official name. Several others have also nicknamed the new owner Mr Useless- a moniker alluding both to his ownership of the club and general performance as a minister.

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