The circus goes on; Clowns perform stunts with China-made papers

Ghana’s greatest circus grounds, The House of Parliament, on Wednesday witnessed yet another super-charged acrobatic display of imbecility.

A section of the resident clowns performed a spectacular common sense defying stunt that left spectators breathless. The routine involved an acrobatic leap from taxpayer-funded “China chairs” while simultaneously waving white A4 size papers inscribed with the text “BRIGHT FUTURE.” The routine was so complex that one of the clowns displayed the inscription upside down.

The chief clown was however satisfied with the group’s performance, revealing that the clowns “had only 24 hours to practice their routine with the A4 papers which had to be imported from China because such products could not be produced locally.”

The House of Parliament has a long tradition of providing mind-boggling circus performances which simply flouts common sense. The 275 strong troupe has a wide range of world class performers which includes clowns, trash talkers, puppets, fact jugglers, synchronised praise singers and stone throwers.

The chief clown explained that the “Bright Future” stunt is a “daring combination of high-flying acrobatics and magical illusion” designed to thrill spectators into gaining a false sense of hope. “Never mind that the A4 papers were imported from China together with the printing ink, this stunt is the mother of all circus displays.”

The chief clown also took the opportunity to remind all party organisers that the clowns are available for hire. “We only perform for the highest bidder,” he added.


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