The destruction of Sobdom and Gomochraj

Three angels visited Ghanaba, God’s hand-picked founder of his chosen nation, Ghana. They came disguised as men, travelers along the road. Two of them went down to Sobdom and Gomochraj, to observe firsthand the wickedness and thievery in those cities.

The other visitor, who was Nana Nyankopon, stayed behind. He revealed to Ghanaba that he was going to destroy the cities because of the evil ways of their people. Ghanaba, a special friend of the Nana Nyankopon, began to bargain with Him to spare the cities if there were righteous people in them.

First Ghanaba asked if the cities would be spared if 5 righteous people lived there. Nana Nyankopon said yes. Boldly, Ghanaba kept bargaining down, until Nana Nyankopon agreed not to destroy Sobdom and Gomochraj if even 2 righteous people lived there. Then Nana Nyankopon departed.

When the two angels arrived at Sobdom that evening, Ghanaba’s nephew Dzamefe met them at the city gate. Dzamefe and his family lived in Sobdom. He took the two men to his home and fed them.

Then all the weepers, ambassadors and men with imaginary Angolan friends surrounded Dzamefe’s house and said, “Where are the national coffers? Bring them out to us so that we can abuse them and fill our pockets.” Furious, the mob rushed up to break down the door. The two angels left the city, horrified by the greed of the people.

The two angels arrived in Gomochraj the next day but they had no where to lay their heads. No one in Gomochraj owned a home, but they all lived in lavish inns costing 450 pieces of gold each day. And while they settled on the side of the street to take a rest, one hotel dweller came up to them and said, “Why do you sleep on the street. Join us, let’s loot the coffers so you can live comfortably in one of these lavish inns for the rest of your days.”

The angels were appalled by her ways so they left Gomochraj and sent word for both Sobdom and Gomochraj to be destroyed.

Then Nana Nyankopon rained down burning sulphur on Sobdom and Gomochraj, destroying the buildings, the hotel dwellers, the weepers and their ‘friends.’

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