The Devil To Deliver Ghana From Corrupt Politicians

Kwaku Bonsam

You know a country is in trouble when the politicians are so corrupt even the devil finds them abhorrent. In an exclusive interview, he confessed the mismanagement of the nation’s economy has left his kingdom crumbling. “I have no money”, he decried. He even shudders at the thought of this vile form of corruption finding its way into his kingdom.

In an unprecedented move, the devil has decided to take pre-emptive measures to save his kingdom and the nation of Ghana from further destruction.

In an interview,  Nana Kwaku Bonsam, (Bonsam, a name he adopted, meaning “devil” in the Twi) spoke about politics as the logical next step to help bring some decency into politics, “….Eventually, I would like to become minister of foreign affairs,” he said. For now, he is eyeing the parliamentary seat for the Offinso North District.

We only hope the devil does not end up being corrupted by politics and all that comes with it.

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