The street naming ultimatum: A day is like a year unto Mahama

All those who woke up this morning expecting the airwaves, twittersphere and facebookshere to be inundated with news of a mass dismissal of Metropolitan, Municipal and District Chief Executives (MMDCEs) were undoubtedly met with nothing but disappointment.

“All you heathens with no understanding of the biblical Day-Year principle can bow your heads in shame.”

This scathing attack came from a ‘friend of the government’ who explained that when the president issued the 18 months ultimatum for MMDCEs to complete the street naming and house numbering exercises in their areas by September 2014, he was speaking in biblical terms. Referencing the good book, the ‘friend of the government’ stated that with such spiritual utterances, a day can be interpreted as a year. “People need to understand that the president was in the spirit when he issued that ultimatum, so his words should not be taken literally.”

“By my dodgy mathematical calculations, the actual deadline for the president’s 18 months ultimatum will be somewhere around the year 2419 and not the 30th September 2014 as many assume.’ This new interpretation of the president’s ultimatum will undoubtedly silence all the detractors who say the president is not a man of his word.

Following the clarification by this ‘friend of the government’, a number of MMDCEs have labelled the calls for their dismissal as “premature.” Many revealed that they have lost no sleep over the president’s ultimatum. “Tweaa! We have no reason to fear. In Mahamaworld, no one ever gets sacked, you only get moved to the Flagstaff House,” remarked one honourable DCE.

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