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UN to monitor ceasefire on Ghana’s Dumsor with potential fiery results

The UN Security Council with full backing of their newly established Adonten division, being the Russian Rebels in the Ukraine who boldly brought down a civilian flight over Ukraine in 2014 will be monitoring the Ghana airspace with immediate effect.

This follows the renewed pledge by the Minister of Energy, Dr. Kwabena Donkor to a delegation of 25 Ambassadors, Heads of Missions of donor countries in Accra that dumsor will end by the end of December 2015. The Minister has again reiterated that the will welcome the New Year, being election year in on January 1, 2016 with his resignation, if he doesn’t deliver on his pledge. Ghanaians are laughing but the earnest diplomats have reported same and thus Ban Ki Moon has accordingly engaged Plan D.

Ghana’s Presidential jet (s), the flying coffin and the other one(s) including President Mahama’s brother’s leased/bought/donkomi private plane have therefore surrendered all further flight plans to ensure that any Buk missiles launched by Russia in the event that the dumsor doesn’t end and Dr. Donkor doesn’t resign will end in a fiery fireball- over Flagstaff House. Debris will be recovered from Bole Bamboi. And potentially via Dubai where Kofi and Adjoa may retire for Christmas shopping.

Kindly note that the flaming debris, if expertly captured by households can be used alongside the iced water index as indication of Ghana’s meteoric rise in lunacy.

YesiYesi reporting live from the Ukraine and from somewhere in the Emirates where designer missile resistant fire suits in XXXXL are being customised for the First Couple. You are on your own.