The YesiYesi Newspaper Review 

Denials and Praise
The British Ambassador to Nigeria has been deported with immediate effect and Prime Minister Cameron will answer an urgent question this week in Parliament on why after years of understanding the UK tax payer funded National Health Insurance Scheme has chosen now to pull rank.

President Buhari of Nigeria has said that the failure of the NHIS to treat Mrs. Diezani Alison-Madueke, former oil Minister of Nigeria on a health tourist basis (this is a special category for all West Africans who arrive pregnant and or diseased in the UK), accounts fully for the millions allegedly looted by her from Nigerian coffers. Mrs. Alison-Madueke, arrested and bailed last week has since been pictured in angelic white robes and traditional gele lying on a hospital bed, non NHIS Egyptian cotton sheets, 400 thread count if you please.

She is reportedly suffering from cancer and is having the revolutionary back to front treatment. Chemotherapy before the cancer is operated on. Any suggestion that Madam’s sudden and public declaration of ill health after her visit with the UK police (they have placed her on bail, are investigating money laundering, fraud… and they reportedly won’t let her out of the country until after April 2016) and her subsequent appeal to Nigerians for prayers will be taken in the spirit in which it was intended.

A waa waa atu! The Turkish power barge, one of them, may arrive in November, just in time for Christmas 2015 to end dumsor. The Minister of Power, one Dr. Kwabena Donkor has threatened variously and publicly to resign if the energy crises is not resolved by a certain time. The barges designed to supply an additional 450 megawatts of electricity were originally expected to berth in Ghana in April, then August, then September, then October then …. Notice is served to the Minority New Patriotic Party and others who are agitating for a new electoral roll. The Electoral Commission will continue to also apply this powerful rolling deadline, as will the Chief Justice in addressing the cases of alleged judicial corruption. Infact anything in Ghana henceforth is subject to the powerful barges rolling deadline…until December 2016.

As for lamentations and exhortations against Engineers and Planners, a company headed by Ibrahim Mahama, brother of President John Mahama for the second flood in 4 months in Accra, osee yeeeah. The patriotic young man often described by haters as a free loading opportunistic syphon of contracts and dosh from the national coffers by the grace of his family links, volunteered his services, gratis, to dredge the Odaw river following the June flooding and deaths in Accra. Following much protestation that junior Mahama et al appropriated government equipment, rebranded same, were paid under the table and stopped short in the middle of the gutter…yaa mutu. Now that they have shown the way and clearly there is a problem with the Odaw canal, the Mayor of Accra, before he begins in earnest his campaign to become a Member of Parliament will cause a formal contract to be tendered for the job. Engineers and Planners will win directly or through a subsidiary and the alleged monies already paid around the table to them will be properly paid on top of the table.

The Savannah Accelerated Development Authority (SADA) urgently requires the services of 7 professionals to put their hands in the empty till. Qualifications? Best Friday wear batakari. SADA? NADA!!!!

Yesiyesi reporting live and belatedly, we said morning broadcast and so what …define morning, after all GMT is real.