The YesiYesi Newspaper Review- Ghosts and Ghouls


Halloween, white people’s version of celebrating ’nsamamfuo’ has come and gone in Ghana with spectacular eruptions. The National Reform Party’s (NRP) sole survivor, a certain Dr Percy is an ‘agriculturalist with expertise in piggery’. He emerged creaking, leaking and groaning, without provocation, from the shadows to provide his ‘party’s’ position on the electoral roll.

Dr. Percy is challenged in height as his ‘party’ has been in substance. Nevertheless he stretched up, all the way up to his little soap box and boldly asked the Electoral Commission (EC) to ignore the New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) call for a new electoral roll.

The NPP has responded simply and somewhat acidly by pointing to the latest World Health Organisation warning. The largest opposition party that can’t seem to enforce the suspension of its Chairman has provided it can read health advisories and apply them. Their response to Percy was simple- eating dead meat including, ham and bacon (these come from pigs and Dr. Percy is a piggery expert) significantly raises your likelihood of getting cancer. Ditto listening to dead meat …..

The NRP emerged like a demon child from the NDC and quietly folded back into their graves not having attained enough votes in 2002 to leave anything other than a smell of decay behind. They are not expected to be heard from or seen again, until the envelopes and black bags of party largesse come out, next year ahead of the elections.

Speaking of RIP. Madam Akua Donkor may not be the 2016 candidate of the Ghana Freedom Party (GFP) after all. Invited by the EC to provide her ‘party’s view on the electoral roll, the officials of the GFP who were present, including the National Chairman, National Organiser and Greater Accra Regional Chairman (that should give them 3 votes in 2016, or?) sought to prevent their 2012 flag bearer Madam Donkor from speaking on their behalf. They were concerned that they would lose the 3 votes already in the bag if she persevered. Fortunately she didn’t recognise them and their authority as party officials, they didn’t recognise her and her ‘position’ as incumbent flagbearer and so the EC, in its impartial role as regulator…. allowed her to speak. On the matter of the NRP and the GFP and …. the EC has chosen the Afoko approach to basics. Post dated graves and positions. Ignore reality such as minors, ghosts and foreigners registered on the electoral roll and play in the darkening shadows instead.