The YesiYesi Newspaper Review- I say I won’t go


President John Mahama has proved his eco warrior carbon statistics and put to shame many. He was recently crowned King of the Bush, pictured with 2 evergreen sprigs emerging from either side of his head. This man’s head is not in the clouds. It is hanging out between the leaves. Flagstaff House has not confirmed that John Dramani Mahama is indeed the person cited in the Institute of Public Relations list today of members in good standing. That picture is worth a thousand words. Surely.

Who says Africans can’t unite? We are clear on deliberating bumbling our collective economies, living in ostentatious green eared titular royalty and we refuse, as donors continue to find out, to simply grow up. At their expense. And oh, we want reparations.

I say I won’t go.

The President of Rwanda the svelte Paul Kagame is chanting the same phrase in Kinyarwanda regarding a third unconstitutional bid for office as is the acidic New Poisonous Party’s Chairman, Paul Afoko. Kagame’s poorer cousin in Burundi has also crossed ethnic lines and joined the choir. Afoko is at post, anywhere except in the NPP office but hey, let’s continue to interview him and his spokesperson because does it really matter when we are unexpectedly shedding an additional 600 MW of power ahead of solving the energy crises in 6 weeks?

I say I won’t go.

Counting the ballot boxes in Cote d’Ivoire, Tanzania and Egypt will be held simultaneously in the home of the Presidential mother in laws. This policy is based on a scientific study of positive electoral results from Gambia, Djibouti, Chad, Southern Sudan and Somalia. The African National sports of good governance is in full flow.

The World Bank will support the live broadcast of the first spelling bee in Ghana between a primary school in the Volta Region and one in the Central Region. The students will all be speaking and spelling in their local languages. The Bank will translate into Serbo Croat. Amharic translation will also be available although not Guan.

The Bank is supporting the Minister of Education’s vocal bid for children to be taught in local languages first and learn English under trees later. The Bank’s press release has emphasised that whilst the minister, after at least 2 years on seat has actually done nothing to develop an evidence based policy or even a pilot on this matter, like the Minister of Power who insists that he will resign in December if dumsor is not ended (did he say which December and did she say how this would actually work ….).

I say I won’t do and I won’t go.

Yesiyesi reporting live from a leafy bush, close to the presidential ear. Next to the Pig Farm hotel where ….hey…someone is driving away my 4×4.