The YesiYesi Newspaper Review- NOT


The Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) has donated $1 million to Korle Bu Teaching Hospital, one of Africa’s largest medical referral centres. GNPC is owned by government, their revenues and generous donations including to football is taxpayers money and thus their donation of the taxpayers money to Korle Bu, a government run agency under the Ministry of Health to provide much needed services that government must, won’t, can’t deliver on directly through allocated and disbursed budgets (taxpayers money) approved by Parliament (taxpayers representatives) is evidence of inclusive government and accounting.

The budget will be presented to Parliament today by the Minister of Finance. Mr. Terkper has previously confirmed it is perfectly reasonable for GNPC, a government agency, to independently contract international loans without recourse to the financial oversight of Parliament and if GNPC defaults, well, government will pay. With taxpayers money. Proceeds from Eurobonds and donor grants. Same difference.

The opposition NPP has shocked many, including itself by providing detailed, cohesive and comprehensive pre-budget analyses, sector by sector so far and how this matches up against government promises, policies and actual spending; they have provided data driven forecast of how spending may well be prioritised ….

YesiYesi reporting live from Job 600 where taxpayer money and donor funds have been successfully blended and spent copiously over many years to build parliamentarians working offices so they can provide truly useful oversight of the public purse.