The YesiYesi Newspaper Review- Same Same


A Ketu North constituency executive of the NPP has finally found something to do.  Having failed with his colleagues to secure so much as 3 percent of votes for the party in the area, in ANY election including possibly the one coming up in 2016, Mr. Hope Yaw has ensured as of yesterday that the demonstrators who are demanding the reinstallation of Afoko, the party’s suspended chairman, were matching. Same placard – size, wood, quality. Same print – font and paper size and all for the posters pasted on the same same placards.  Same choreographed dance steps from the obviously spontaneous eruption that ensued.  Same front page coverage as previously arranged, spontaneously.  Same police this time without the horse whips and smiling indulgently, same buses hired and per diem paid for the rented mob?
The Director General of the Ghana Education Service is plagiarising.  He has ‘directed, advised and warned’ heads of schools who are refusing to accept students placed by the computerised selection system to ‘comply’.  Directing, warning, advising, ordering, entreating, praying, commanding….these are all words exclusive to the Executive President John Mahama designed to create no effect whatsoever in surbordinates.  Except perhaps laughter.  Same Same.
Yesiyesi reporting on headlines from a school under a tree which is where your ward is likely to end up unless you are on a protocol list.  Mr. Hope Yaw will be managing that selection process with the Chairman of the Electoral Commission.  Same, Same.