The YesiYesi Newspaper Review- VCRAC and Move On

The current presidential candidate of the United Progressive Party (UPP), Akwasi Odike Addai formerly presidential candidate in 2012 of the United Front Party has provided that he dines and resides in a better quality of hostelry than Bede Ziedung (who?).

Odike’s pick up vehicle was ‘seized’ yesterday from outside the swanky Golden Tulip in Kumasi on the grounds that having accepted 2 cars (including the pick up in question) and cash from Ibrahim Mahama in 2012 to support Bra John Mahama’s presidential bid, said Odike thought better of it and didn’t deliver the diversionary tactics he had promised to fool the electorate. Worse yet, since then, Odike has moved on to form/join another totally useful party and seems to ‘think’ that the electoral roll should be sanitised.

The Electoral Commission (EC) has confirmed that since the UFP no longer has a vehicle for Odike to make a personal appearance at the impending meeting convened by the EC regarding the voters register, the UFP will be transporting their input via a surfline dongle. Which means that like the negligible votes Odike of the former UFP now transmorged into the UPP recorded in 2012 anyway, we can all Move On (MO). To the independent panel the EC has selected to chair inputs into the disputed electoral roll. The chair of said neutral and learned panel, Justice VCRAC, has already made his feelings plain. No change required. Seriously. Move On. (MO)

Bede Ziedung has also declared that he is still in motion. The former something or the other (irrelevant really except when you want to show numbers to tribal elders and shore up votes) in the NDC has proactively denied media reports that he shacked up in a boarding house in Pig Farm, Accra, woke up and found that his lady of the night had made off with his 4×4. DVLA hasn’t confirmed if this vehicle too was donated by Ibrahim Mahama. Since the alleged incident didn’t take place anyway, let’s VCRAC and MO.

The title of chief tantrum is still being held by Paul Afoko, the suspended chairman of the NPP. Again, VCRAC and MO. Well, perhaps not quite yet.

In another development, Bede Ziedung, Ghana Revenue Authority, Bureau of National Investigation and even the Inspector General of Police sef, all of whom are chosen by the leafy stool holder at Flagstaff House has denied that it will be investigating anything, for anyone.

YesiYesi Morning Broadcast (MB) reporting live from any of the containers that are bringing the first of two floating power barges from Turkey to Ghana. The final resting place of said floating barges in the Western region is being constructed by Engineers and Planners (E&P), owned by Ibrahim Mahama. VCRAC again and MO. Ooops. Did you miss that connection? Did someone ask how and why E&P won the bid to build the platform? VCRAC and MO. Focus on Afoko.