Toll Booths: A Great Threat To National Security

Toll booths, especially the ones on a university’s campus, are the greatest threat to the security and sovereignty of Ghana! This is allegedly contained in a classified US National Security report on Ghana.

The highly sensitive report was deliberately leaked to shame the ignorant non-achievers who have nothing better to do than question the wisdom of Ghana’s highly experienced and professional National Security operatives.

Speaking off record, a fellow at Africa’s Institute of Defence Studies who has been closely following security issues in Ghana, said “I have no doubt in my mind that the threat posed by this uncompleted booth at the Okponglo entrance of the University of Ghana is far more troubling than the threats of sabotage, drug trafficking and terrorism. Ghana’s National Security operatives should therefore be applauded for saving the nation from a potentially calamitous situation.”

“They have shown they have the professional awareness to detect grave national security threats as well as the capability to act swiftly to neutralise those threats.”

“Ignorant Ghanaians condemning the National Security Council for the demolition of the toll booth are clearly unaware of the fact that the sovereignty and security of many African nations, has been seriously threatened and compromised by the wrongful siting of toll booths!”

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