Top modelling agency signs ‘shirtless’ NPP executives 

A top New York based modelling agency has reportedly signed a number of NPP executive to its international roster. 

Photos of the shirtless politicians which first appeared on Facebook over the weekend has aroused much interest in the modelling world. The politicians were reportedly visiting the chief of Chinzo, a hamlet in the Talensi electoral area where the party is currently campaigning to retain its parliamentary seat in tomorrow’s by- elections. The well padded men maintain they were only observing the local tradition which required them to be partially naked when appearing before the chief. 

A spokesman for the modelling agency who described the NPP executives as “edgy and sexy” said the politicians-turned-models have already been booked with high-end fashion houses like Versace and Armani to advertise this summer’s swim suits collection. He claimed “male models with bulging bellies and man-boobs are hot right now,” adding that most fashion houses are ditching “six-packs for one-pack models.” 

The spokesman for the modelling agency revealed they have also been trying to get the signature of MUISGA president and hiplife artiste, Obour, who he described as “the ultimate one-pack shirtless model.”