Tweaa! All Are Equal But Some Are More Equal

On Tuesday, while ordinary Ghanaians dealt with the trivial issues of blackouts and rising utility bills, their honourable parliamentarians were debating the all-important constitutional issue of the use of ‘tweaa’.

After a long but worthwhile debate, the Speaker of Parliament, Mr Edward Doe Adjaho, ruled that the ‘T’ word shall no longer be used in parliament.

The ban on the use of the ‘T’ word has been welcomed by the Ghanaian lawmakers. Speaking off record, one MP allegedly said, “Tweaa is a word that should be left for the ordinary man on the street! It does not belong in this honourable house- a house full of men and women of outstanding intellect.”

“The sheer brilliance on display whenever we debate is remarkable! It’s only in this august house that a man can make profound scientific claims like fufu causes cancer without facts to back such a claim. You cannot beat such brilliance!”

He ended, “we simply cannot indulge in the same frivolities as ordinary Ghanaians. They are not our co equals!”

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