Tweaa DCE set for a comeback after going underground to uncover who said ‘tweaa’

Mr. Gabriel ‘Tweaa’ Barima, the honourable DCE of Ahafo-Ano South District, is set to resume his post after going undercover as part of a top secret operation to uncover the identity of the mysterious individual who uttered the famous ‘tweaa.’

Under the guise of being dismissed from office, honourable Barima teamed up with Horatio, CSI chief of Miami, in an investigation which span several weeks. “I wasn’t really dismissed,” he states “it was a ploy so that I could work undercover to track down the culprit.”

Honourable Barima’s humility and incredible show of respect for the people in his district made it impossible for the president to find a suitable replacement since he was ‘dismissed’ in March. “The president couldn’t find anyone fit enough to replace me and that is because I have no co-equal in this district. It was a very wise decision by the president to leave my seat vacant while I was helping find this vile culprit who dared to interrupt my speech with tweaa.”

With investigations drawing to a close, the president has proudly renominated Honourable Gabriel Barima to take up his old position as the DCE of Ahafo-Ano South District.

Asked how he felt about his renomination, the honourable man replied, “I am glad I have been given the platform to speak once again. I have only one message for the individual who said tweaa; I know who you are and I’m coming for you.”

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