“Tweeaa! We Will Go On Strike” – GH Politicians

Ghanaians have been told to pray and fast rather than go on complaining about the recent 10% increase in transportation fares. The call was made by a group of displeased politicians in response to the increasing complaints by the majority of Ghanaians since the price hikes went into effect yesterday.

In a statement released to our reporter, the group, made up of several honourable politicians from the various political parties in the country, rebuked Ghanaians for repeatedly kicking up a fuss about petty issues like fuel shortages, constant power cuts and the ever-increasing utility bills.

They pointed out that, it is God, not them the politicians that controls the affairs of man. If people are therefore experiencing economic hardships, then they should consult God and not them, the elected custodians of the nation’s resources.

The honourable politicians also expressed frustration at the constant bashing of politicians in the media: “It is becoming increasingly irritating that every time we sit behind our giant flat screen tellies in our humble 10 bedroom mansions or turn on our radios as we drive through the pothole filled roads in our fully air conditioned four wheel drives, all we hear is the constant criticism from an ungrateful public.”

“Our colleagues in other parts of Africa are taking billions of dollars from their national coffers, we only take a couple of thousands and maybe some millions every now and again, yet Ghanaians will not sing our praises. The public cannot talk to us like that, we are not co-equals. And we will not hesitate to go on a strike if people continue criticising us. Tweeeaa!”

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