U-turn near Parliament House to be named after Prof. Dodoo

The U-turn located on the main road leading to Parliament House is set to be named after Prof. Alex Dodoo after MPs voted overwhelmingly in support of the move.

One of the MPs who voted in support of the move said “it is to honour the professor for performing such a spectacular U-turn when he appeared before the Privileges Committee of Parliament.” The honourable member of parliament explained that “Professor Dodoo could have defended his position and exposed the collective ignorance and arrogance of the House but he rather chose to perform a U-turn. And for that we are very grateful.”

The professor who has worked in vaccine and medicine safety for over 25 years had earlier criticised MPs for their uneducated comments on planned Ebola vaccine trials in the country. But he unexpectedly back-tracked when he appeared before the Privileges Committee of Parliament, issuing a “sincere and unconditional” apology to the House and its members although a member of the House admitted making comments on the Ebola vaccine trials without any prior research.

Prof. Dodoo has welcomed the decision to name the U-turn after him. He praised the MPs for their decision, explaining that “MPs are always right. Sometimes they get confused, misinformed, ignorant, stubborn, arrogant and senseless. But they’re never wrong. Even when they are wrong, they are right.”



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