Understanding The Culture of Maintenance, UG Introduces New Course

University of Ghana has announced it will begin running a postgraduate course called Ghana: The Phobia of Infrastructure Maintenance.

The course which will run under the university’s Department of Sociology will seek to understand why Ghanaians appear to have an extreme fear of maintanance of public infrastructures. The dean of the Department of Sociology who introduced the course, explained that, “the course will act as a prism through which students can analyse the Ghana way of thinking. Mention ‘maintenance’ and a Ghanaian is inexplicably gripped by fear and his pocket is suddenly empty. We however seem to get a kick out of watching our public infrastructure deteriorate and then out of nowhere, we find the money to rebuild them.”

The course will start next academic year and will be open to all public officials in charge of any public infrastructure.

Students will be expected to work on two main case studies. Ghana101: Tema Motorway; This will seek to explain why the only ‘maintenance’ works the Tema motorway has seen since its construction in 1964 involves nothing more than shoddy repair works to patch up severely damaged sections of the motorway. Ghana102: Adomi Bridge, will similarly seek to understand why the 57 year old structure has seen no major maintenance.

The university authorities hinted that they may soon make this course a compulsory discipline for all it’s student.

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