University admissions to be solely based on ability to pay new utility fees

Prospective university students will no longer need to attain good West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) results in order to get a place from next year.

The National Council for Tertiary Education says admissions to all public universities and other tertiary institutions will no longer be based on academic ability but rather, on ones ability to pay the newly introduced utility bills. A statement from the council said : “We have a duty to ensure that the rich but undeserving students are not placed at a disadvantage at our public tertiary institutions.”

The new admissions policy follows government’s decision to make it mandatory for all tertiary students to bear the full cost of their utility bills.

The statement explained that the admissions criteria will “disregard the student’s academic prowess and focus on the student’s family income and socio-political connections. This new policy will be used as a guide by all public universities and polytechnics throughout the country.”

The statement concluded that government’s decision to pass on the full cost of the utility bills to students “has nothing to do with the government’s shambolic management of state funds.”

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