US Fire Experts Solve Market Fire Mystery


Ghanaians have been at a complete loss as to what might have caused the fire outbreaks that destroyed a number of markets late last year and early this year. A walk through any of our markets will not yield the slightest clue as to the cause of these outbreaks. Everything looks well place- choked drainage systems, naked flames next to piles of garbage and electrical wires dangling everywhere. “So what at all could have caused this fire”, asked one angry shop keeper who had lost his shop in the recent fire outbreak.

In a desperate move to find answers, the President John Mahama invited a group of fire experts from the United States to help solve this mystery once and for all. These experts were allegedly flown in first class and were checked into presidential suites at the Movenpick Hotel. And rightly so! They deserved the very best of our Ghanaian hospitality to be able to solve this great national mystery.

True to their credentials, these experts had the mystery unravelled in no time. They have solved a mystery that has haunted Ghanaians for decades. “These Americans must be the best! They are surely worth every dollar the government paid them.” retorted one District assembly member.

Their findings were put in an expert report which was made public by the Honourable Deputy Minister of the Interior, Mr. James Agalga, on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Tuesday. Breaking down the content of the report into lay terms, Mr. Agalga said, the experts found the cause of the fires to be poor electrical wiring.

Damn! We would never have guessed that would we? Following the recommendations of the expert report, the government has accordingly directed all Municipal and District Assemblies to ensure all markets are to be redesigned to prevent future fires.

YesiYesi will like to suggest that these American fire experts be given the highest national honours for such a great service to our dear nation.

*As ridiculous as this story sounds, the facts are true. Yes the president invited fire experts from the US to help solve the mystery of the market fire outbreaks! Here’s the link for the real news article:

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