Van Der Veranda Boy

ACCRA- Days after loosing his official residence, the Chief Executive of the Accra Metropolitan Assembly, Mr. Alfred Oko Vanderpuije has found residency on the streets of the city he governs.

His official residence, together with a 6 bedroom bungalow were auctioned to pay off some of the 6 million dollars the AMA owes City And Country Waste Limited.

A frantic search in the capital to find rented accommodation for the mayor proved futile. The already indebted Metropolitan Assembly could not afford the capital’s insane property rates. A member of the search party remarked “This is ridiculous! Some of these apartments cost about $3000 a month just to rent! They are just as pricey as apartments in New York’s Manhattan or Canary Wharf in London, yet only metres outside these properties the gutters choked with filth and the roads have more cracks than Olele’s heels.

Our reporters were informed attempts to get the mayor temporary accommodation at the never-lived-in Flagstaff House, which cost the Ghanaian tax payer millions of dollars, also failed. After several frantic phone calls and arm twisting, Mr Vanderpuije, was however lucky enough to be given accommodation by the Veranda Boys Association of Accra.

He was given a prime spot at Accra Central, just in front of the former UTC. This is where the honourable mayor spent two sleepless nights battling with the heat, the stench and his buzzing new neighbours, the mosquitoes. “Welcome to Accra”, a homeless shoe shine boy is alleged to have said to him.

This life changing experience is believed to have triggered speculations that Mr. Vanderpuije will contest for the presidency of the Veranda Boys Association of Accra. Subsequently, his supporters are reportedly dishing out posters with a photo of Mr. Vanderpuije and the message “Van Der Veranda Boy”.

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