Veep to remain torpid as Mahama attends UN summit

The Chief of Defence Staff and a spokesperson at the Flagstaff House (FSH) have both confirmed the Vice President will be expected to remain in his usual state of torpidity as President John Dramani Mahama sojourns to the UN General Assembly in New York.

YesiYesi is informed that we will not see or hear ‘Piii’ from Mr. Amissah Arthur this week. Not even the unfolding drama with judges will be allowed to tempt him to emerge from his self inflicted wallowing at the bottom of the pool to make a public comment.

If the Vice President however finds the wherewithal to leave the gym where he exercises in regular and ridiculous isolation at dawn shielded by a Social Democrat type curtain from the public view, then ‘security’ has every instruction to tie him to Gabby Asare Otchere Darko and in the impending second demonstration by the Let My Vote Count posse, append signatures via horse whip, tear gas, rubber bullets and pressurised hot water onto his tax payer funded person. Basa basa basa.

Unlike the screening of the Anas video, the public humiliation of the Vice President, should he make any sharp and untoward movements, will be made a truly public event, no tickets required. All ECOWAS citizens are welcome to the viewing of his public humiliation and whilst they are at it, to participate in our electoral roll.

One of Mr. Amissah-Arthur’s last public outings was to ‘pick’ the nomination forms of President Mahama ahead of the party’s selection of candidates for election 2016. In this and every single matter since he was plucked and plumbed into office, Mr. Amissah Arthur is of no consequence. He hasn’t ‘picked’ that signal yet. If he had, Mr. Amissah Arthur would take the liberty in the few hours of freedom that he has to correct a few rights- such as an Executive Instrument rushed through Parliament under a Certificate of Emergency to declare himself President.

YesiYesi, reporting live from FSH…..