Vigilante taxi driver to target corrupt politicians with his new car  

The taxi driver who rammed his vehicle into two escaping armed robbers at Cantonments last weekend says he will not hesitate to use his new car to “knock down corrupt politicians and state officials who continue to rob the taxpayer’s money.”

According to the vigilante driver, corrupt politicians are “just plain thieves,” and he intends to give them the same treatment he gave to the two armed robbers. “In fact corrupt politicians are worse than armed robbers. Ghanaians continue to suffer from dumsor, preventable diseases and floods because these corrupt officials and their friends and families continue to rob monies intended for hospitals, schools and storm drains.”

The driver said the new replacement car from Koala Supermarket, has been nicknamed “Justice on Wheels” and he intends to use it to deliver retribution to corrupt officials who, like the two armed robbers, are trying to escape justice.

The vigilante taxi driver had a warning for all those who continue to loot the national coffers: “You can escape the courts by bribing judges but you can’t escape ‘Justice on Wheels’. I’ll find you and I’ll flattened you to the ground like a one Cedi note.”