Viki Gets a Hammering


Ghanaians woke up to the very distressing news of the dismissal of the Deputy Communications Minister Victoria Hammah last Friday. This came as a real shock, as many political pundits considered her to be a huge asset within the ruling NDC party.

Miss Hammah was reportedly a massive hit with many young Ghanaian men, who sat glued to their TV screens every night hoping to catch a glimpse of this national asset on the news. With their excitement suddenly snatched from them, political analysts have predicted these young men are likely to register their anger through the ballot box in the next general elections. One young man lamented; “the honourable deputy minister’s dismissal will undoubtedly leave a big gap.”

The president, John Mahama, is now left with the unenviable task of replacing Miss Hammah. He is reportedly considering the option of offering Ghanaian citizenship to Buffy The Body, as the American model is thought to be the only one who will be able to match the former deputy minister asset for asset.

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