VRA holds Greek style referendum on its debts repayment

Officials of the Volta River Authority (VRA)- with the backing of the Ministry of Power, have taken the unusual step of opting out of its financial responsibilities while at the same time demanding that its creditors continue to send in more natural gas supply.

Authorities said they had been inspired by the Greek government’s decision to renege on the country’s debts earlier in June this year.

A source inside the VRA confirmed that a detailed poll of all those who have presided over the mismanagement of the nation’s main generator and supplier of electricity, including Minister of Powerlessness have received a unanimous mandate to cease repayment of the $103m owned the West African Gas Pipeline Company (WAPCo).

“We have taken a democratic decision to ignore the humongous debts so we can focus on important operational issues such as purchasing V8 SUVs for ourselves.”

He said VRA’s management will remain “defiant,” stressing that “any attempt to replay the debt will mean less money for Oga to chop.”