WANTED: Flagstaff House seeks a new yes-man

Do others describe you as ‘not too polished’ and ‘not too refined?’ Are you an expert in buga buga politics? Do you have a knack for defending the indefensible? Will you happily sing the praises of big men? If you answered yes to all these questions, then this may be the job for you.

Employer: Flagstaff House


Job Title: Yes-Man (This position has become available following a number of dismissals resignations and another round of musical chairs at the Flagstaff House)


Type of Employment: Permanent, but you will be dismissed if you are perceived to be ‘too polished’ or you refuse to sing the praises of The Big Man.


Skills Required:

  • Ability to defend the indefensible
  • Ability to place the interest of The Big Man and his party over and above the national interest



  • Party membership card
  • An advanced degree in Sycophancy


Main Duties: 

  1. You will be expected to shower The Big Man with heaps of praises
  2. You will be expected to repeatedly remind The Big Man that he bears NO responsibility for the worsening dumsor situation
  3. Be prepared to work with other foot soldiers, serial callers and social commentators to propagate this message across the length and breadth of the country
  4. You will be required to sing and dance to ‘Yentie Obia’ with The Big Man whenever Ghanaians begin making unreasonable demands for regular power supply and accountability from elected leaders


**** Applicants who are found to be too polished and too refined will be rejected!

All other interested individuals should send CVs to: clueless@thepresidency.com

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