We Are Above The Law – MTTU

Unverified reports say a spokesperson for the Motor Transport and Traffic Unit (MTTU) of the Ghana Police Service has claimed they are above the law when it comes to road traffic regulations. He was responding to accusations that police officers are the worst road traffic offenders.

He expressed displeasure at the general public for incessantly complaining about police officers talking on their phones while behind the steering wheel and driving without seatbelts. He argued that everything they do is for a good reason. “When you see an officer talking on the phone while driving, it is just a ploy to deceive potential offenders into thinking we are not paying attention to them. We have apprehended several drivers for jumping traffic simply because they thought the police officers were ‘busily talking on their phone’ and not observing the traffic flow. We will continue to talk on our phones while driving because the statistics show this to be an effective policing method.”

He further explained that they only leave their seat belts off because it makes it easier for them to quickly jump out while in traffic. “Unlike the normal Ghanaian worker who is allowed a number of break periods during working hours, police officers, who are the hardest working civil servants in the country, cannot have any breaks due to the busy nature of our work. We are therefore allowed to jump out of our vehicles when stuck in traffic to purchase food and other essential policing items like top up cards, shoe polish, toothpaste and handkerchief.”

The spokesman also debunked claims that police officers needlessly use emergency sirens to ease their way through traffic. “Every time we use those sirens, you can be certain there is an emergency. Like yesterday, we had an extremely urgent situation which required us to use the sirens to cut through heavy traffic. We were on our way to deliver the DSP’s lunch. This journey usually takes some 25-30 minutes, but on this day, the traffic congestion was impenetrable. Alarmed that the boss’s food will go cold, we did what every good officer will do in such a situation. We switched on the siren! As if Moses had stretched forth his rod, the cars drifted to the sides as we sped through back to the office.”

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