We have made room for Senchi Consensus- National Archives

The head of Ghana’s Public Records and Archives Department has revealed his outfit has made available one of its dust coated shelves to accommodate the report files from last week’s National Economic Forum.

Although he refused to give a definite date for the arrival of the files, the department head hinted that in a couple of weeks, the 22-point Communique from the three day forum will be expected to join the stacks of other rosy forecasts, proposals and reports that has been left to gather dust.

“There is an official process to be followed before the ‘Senchi Consensus’ files arrive here. First, we have to allow time for our honourable politicians to pat themselves on the back for having the vision to organise such an exceptional forum. Then we will give them some more time to create a whole media frenzy about the forum and how it marks a watershed in our economic liberation. They will spend a few more weeks rambling on about what they must do to get the economy back on it’s feet. And then when they’ve finally managed to bore Ghanaians with their chuntering, they will sneak the ‘Senchi Consensus’ files onto our shelves. And that will be the end of it, never will it see the light of day! It’s a very complex process but we always get there in the end.”

Inside the department’s stores lies piles and piles of files containing proposals and communiques thickly coated with dust. At the current rate, the head of the archives department fears his outfit will soon run out of storage room. “It’s either we obtain more funds to expand the existing storage facilities or we can get our politicians to stop producing these long-winded reports and start putting these plans into action. Ghana’s problem is no longer a question of what must be done but whether we have the will-power and determination to do what must be done.”

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