Westerners are trooping to Ghana in search of greener pastures – Oko Vanderpuije

Ghana’s remarkable economic transformation under President Mahama and his able team is causing droves of Western nationals to flock to Ghana in search of greener pastures, according to Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, the Mayor of Accra.

Announcing his intentions to run for parliament on the ticket of the ruling NDC, Mr. Vanderpuije claimed “Americans and Europeans have already started coming in their numbers due to the unlimited opportunities the NDC government has opened up to all and sundry.”

The man who together with his beard has occupied the mayoral seat of Accra for the past 7 years recently renounced his American citizenship, explaining his decision was “made very easy” by the fact that his own “financial status has been drastically transformed thanks to the Mahama administration.” The mayor also predicted that “there will be more Americans, Belgians and Germans following in my footsteps all because Mahama has turned Ghana into a paradise.”

He went on to admonish Ghanaians “to stop being ungrateful and for once acknowledge the good works that Mahama is doing.”

Our calls to the American Embassy in Accra to enquire about the truth of the mayor’s statement all went unanswered. Mr. Vanderpuije explained that the embassy staff are busy renouncing their American citizenships to bother answering our phone calls. “Didn’t I tell you?! Didn’t I tell you?!” the bearded man said in glee. “Of course, there’s no one at the embassy now. They’re all renouncing their American citizenship so that they can become Ghanaians and enjoy all the opportunities President Mahama has made possible!”

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