‘Yes We Take Bribe, But Who Pays Us The Bribe?’- DVLA

The head of the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Authority (DVLA) has reportedly launched a scathing attack on Ghanaians, arguing that the individual doing the bribing is just as guilty as the one receiving the bribe money.

He allegedly made the remark when he met a section of the media to address the issue of bribery and corruption at his outfit. The DVLA boss was bewildered by the reaction of Ghanaians following the release of an undercover investigative report implicating a number of DVLA officials in several bribery incidents.

“I find it strange that many Ghanaians seem surprised and shocked at the findings of this undercover report. It is no secret what goes on in our offices. But before Ghanaians pass judgement, we at the DVLA will like to ask just one question: So who has been paying us the bribes?”

“Yes the whole license acquisition system is fraught with inefficiencies and yes the behaviour of some of my staff is shocking and unacceptable. Things need to change, but the blame must not stop at our door steps. The pious Ghanaians criticising are undoubtedly the same ones who will turn up at our offices tomorrow morning trying to offer us bribes to bypass the official license acquisition process. So before you go on air and condemn the DVLA, take a long hard look at yourself.”

The DVLA boss revealed that any DVLA official implicated in this bribery scandal will be investigated and prosecuted accordingly. He also made an appeal to “the church-going, mosque-going and generally sanctimonious Ghanaians who have bribed any DVLA official in the past to also hand themselves over to the police. We are all equally guilty!”

Finishing off his statement, the clearly incensed DVLA boss rhetorically remarked, “Yes we may take bribes, but who pays us the bribes? And I can tell you for a fact, it is not the dwarfs!”

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