The YesiYesi newspaper review- In Ghana, family matters. Nkrumah Never Dies and the lessons of J.B. Danquah Haunt.

In Ghana, family matters. Nkrumah Never Dies and the lessons of J.B. Danquah Haunt.
Ghana’s ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has affirmed over the weekend that like the country’s first President, Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, homespun democracy and loose interpretation of socialism is a matter of youth and numbers. With a soupçon of street justice.

15 sitting MPs in the majority party have lost their seats in Parliament to younger politicians. They include the 5 time member of Parliament for Ningo Prampram, E.T. Mensah, who was unceremoniously ousted as Dr. J.B. Danquah was by Nkrumah, his ‘small boy’. This time Sam George, a firebrand presidential staffer – he did an Nkrumah and traded public insults with E.T. Mensah and it seems slaps and blows between their supporters – could if he succeeds in December 2016, go on and on and on, at least for 5 terms before he too is ousted by a ’small boy or girl’. Unlike J.B.Danquah, E.T. Mensah will not however spend his last days in isolation in a maximum security jail. He will assume senior stunned impotent rabbit status in Parliament. Voting in the House only when it comes to the ex gratia/pension awards for MPs.

In Ghana, family Matters. Nkrumah Never Dies. The lessons of J.B. Danquah Haunt.

The minority New Patriotic Party (NPP) packed choc a block with intellectuals cannot change a single light bulb in the dark. Except when it comes to proceeding to court on matters internal, vexatious and frivolous. And throwing acid, literally and metaphorically, at each other. A week after the budget was presented on the auspicious day of Friday the 13th, the boffins in the minority are still licking their fingers, counting in the dark and thus cannot present an alternative view point. Dead goats, startled rabbits. Chooooboi!

Family Matters. Nkrumah Never Dies. The lessons of J.B. Danquah Haunt.

In keeping with Nkrumah never dies (his daughter Samia arrived amidst much fanfare back in Ghana after many years of self imposed exile and rode on the family name to become MP, was ousted by the NDC that has claimed her father’s mantle of shambolic social democracy and re emerged as Chairman of his moribund ageing fan club known as the CPP). Samia will likely stand as presidential candidate in election 2016. As one does when your father sought to dismantle all vestiges of inherited and automatic right of entry.

Family Matters. Nkrumah Never Dies. The lessons of J.B. Danquah Haunt.

Dr. Ezanetor Rawlings, the first daughter of the first two time coup maker and longest serving Head of State cum President of Ghana will be competing to join Parliament in 2017. She met opposition at the party’s internal vetting process and successfully proved she was a card carrying member. There were early reports over the weekend that she was not registered as a national voter, the independent electoral commission compiles the party roll based on their national roll. Somehow this minor hurdle of legitimacy was overcome quietly and Dr. Rawlings went on to oust the incumbent MP from his perch. Confused. Why?

Family Matters Nkrumah Never Dies. The lessons of J.B. Danquah Haunt.

Mr. Rawlings, father of Dr. Ezanetor Rawlings has a number of degrees to his name. All honorary of course. In his fiery day he stood against noblesse oblige/inherited wealth and privilege. In 2016, his British private boarding school educated doctor daughter (Mr. Rawlings dismantled and dumbed down the education system as part of his socialist agenda for everyone else’s children) should she succeed in her ambitions could become a Member of Parliament serving in a party led by John Mahama, (his father was a Minister under Nkrumah and he rode unopposed to become the NDC’s flag bearer for election 2016) facing down the current minority who aspire to become the majority led by Nana Addo Danquah Akufo-Addo, the son of a former President. Confused? Why?

Family Matters. Nkrumah Never Dies and the lessons of J.B.Danquah Haunts.

YesiYesi reporting live from the archives of Opana Abusua Panyin, we are also looking up our family tree.