The YesiYesi Newspaper Review- red eye, conjucvitus, apollo

The harmattan season of hazy dry conditions have been enough to reduce the Kumasi INTERNATIONAL airport, the upgrading of which cost more than $20 million, to what is actually is. A way station in a dust bowl. No flights. Not even domestic flights into Oseikrom can land. Certainly Delta and BA are not planning to add that route anytime soon either.

It should be red faces from officialdom who spent taxpayers monies and have sod all to show for it in Kumasi. There should also be red cards that show them all directly to jail. However. Given that this is Ghana, and Kumasi, untouchable home of red (kokoo and kotoko), red eye, conjucvitis and apollo is fine. No fly zone here.

The seasonal harmattan in Ghana is also usually celebrated with apollo, symptoms of which are red watery painful eyes. In Norwary, Pakistan and in the Emirates, where we are trending as a 419 permitted designation, it may be known as conjucvitis. The symptoms start slowly. And they are showing. More later.

The People’s National Convention (PNC), yet another spent spawn of the polygamous Nkrumhaist tradition have justified why after failing to secure more than 5 percent of the popular vote in ANY election since the dawn of the 4th Republic, ought also to be registered again as a political party and participate in the done deal of election 2016.
Over the weekend, their National Treasurer, National Communications Director and an aspiring National Chairman attempted to do an Afoko (Helllooooo – that means dealing in getting yourself nominated/thrust upon a party so you can undermine them from the very belly of the beast while collecting GO and inciting ethnic tension and political chasms all in one toxic acidic go), indefinitely suspended Chairman. Ask the largest Minority New Patriotic Party (NPP) about this. And ask how and why they allowed the AMERI deal to slip by without raising the alarm. More later.

The hapless PNC 3 attempted to take out an injunction preventing the party Congress from taking place. The injunction was not properly listed, the judge saw kokoo red, threw out the improperly listed case, the PNC Congress went ahead and Dr. Edward Mahama (no relation to Kofi Dubai, more on that later), a serial Presidential also run, and a gynaecologist of some repute, has succeeded in regaining the presidential ticket.

Dr. Mahama will be treating the PNC 3 with the contempt that he dispatches ‘odepua’ — a yeast infection cured with strong antibiotics, in his suffering patients and the skill with which he delivers babies to grateful parents. No red eyes here. No coughing either from the desiccated Ayariga, the other one.

It is one thing to be blindsided, as in act Act of God – could not be anticipated thus no contingency plans. It is another, to face the harmattan, as Ghana does, year after year, with naked red eyes, apollo, conjucvitis to fund elections when your account is in the red. We willingly (sloppy Parliament approval in place) spent money we don’t have to buy equipment not to solve the energy crises so that the Minister of Power does not have to resign and in time for you to vote again for Kofi Dubai et al.

YesiYesi reporting live with red eyes somewhere between the Ministry of Power, Norway, Dubai (Kofi???!!!!), Pakistan, and Lord knows where our AMERI balance of a mere $300 million has ended up.
This is only the morning broadcast.