Adebayor is a ‘professional dancer’ according Google search suggestions

Do you want to know Richard ‘Olele’ Kingson’s age? Just ask Google. And if you would like to know how many times President Mahama has broken his promises, Google has the answer for that too. But it seems Google has a bit of a problem remembering Emmanuel Adebayor’s profession.



According to Google search suggestions, Emmanuel Adebayor is anything but a footballer. The Google feature which gives you real-time suggestions for search queries as you type them says the Togolese international is…. “a dancer” ” an azonto champ” and “the shoki guru.” Surprisingly, the suggestions do not mention that he is a professional footballer.

Officials from Google say the omission of Adebayor’s football profile from the search engine suggestions may be due to the fact that the Tottenham striker has spent more time in his dancing shoes than he has in football boots since he signed a permanent deal with his current club in 2012.



The striker who only managed 13 league appearances last season due to a long stint out on compassionate leave has made more appearances in Instagram videos where he regularly displays his intricate dance moves.

Officials from Google say the search suggestions will auto-correct to feature Adebayor’s football profile once he starts featuring on the pitch more often.

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