AFCON 2015: Black Stars will receive Joy Dadi and T-roll as appearance fee

The Black Stars will receive bottles of Joy Dadi Bitters and bundles of toilet paper as appearance fee during next month’s African Cup of Nations in Equatorial Guinea.

Sources close to the FA said the unusual pay structure has been put in place to avoid a repeat of the World Cup fiasco which saw some $3 million in cash airlifted to the players in Brazil. The spectacle which was widely captured by the international media left the nation’s reputation sorely battered, a situation authorities are keen to avoid.

With this new pay structure, inspired by the Farmer’s Day celebration in the Eastern region where the region’s top farmers were rewarded with similar items, each member of the yet to be named 23-man squad will receive 3 bottles of Joy Dadi Bitters and 2 packs of toilet paper while members of the coaching staff will receive 2 bottles of the alcoholic drink and a pack of toilet paper.

An executive of the National Supporters Union expresssed relief that the recurring appearance fees saga has been put to bed. “We are all delighted they have reached an agreement. 3 bottles of Joy Dadi is a good deal; if it’s good for the farmers who feed us then it’s more than good enough for these players.”

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