Ayariga suffering from a phobia of ‘useless’ questions

Minister of Youth and Sports, Mahama Ayariga is believed to be suffering from the extremely rare accountabilityphobia- an intense and irrational fear of “useless” questions relating to accountability.

According to Dr. Nosy, a senior psychology lecturer at a university in Ghana, this condition explains the honourable’s disapproving behaviour when he was recently questioned about details of how the tax payer’s money was spent at the just ended African Cup of Nations. “His outburst on radio was a way of coping with the extreme fear triggered by persistent questions seeking details of the Black Stars’ budgets at AFCON.”

The lecturer explained that the unusual phobia causes the minister to interpret any question concerning accountability as “useless.” The honourable “is so terrified of this word that he starts sweating and experiences a fit of temper whenever journalists mention the word or even hint at it.” Although this phobia is unusual, honourable Ayariga is not alone in harbouring an irrational fear of “useless” questions. Studies by the psychology lecturer reveals that many other Ghanaian politicians- from all over the political landscape, also suffer from a similar phobia.

Dr. Nosy is however confident that his special programme can cure the honourable and any other politician suffering from accountabilityphobia.  “The programme combines a series of relaxation therapy and a gradual exposure to truth-telling and accountability,” he explained.

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