‘Ayittey-Power’ Added To Oxford Dictionary

Oxford Dictionaries Online has this morning announced that a new word, ‘ayittey-power’ has been added to the Oxford Dictionary of English.

The new word, ‘ayittey-power’, means ‘citing a bogus spiritual reason to deliberately pull out of an agreement or go back on a promise.’ A statement from the Oxford Dictionaries Online Press Office said, “This new word was coined from the name of a Ghanaian boxer, Ayittey Powers, who has recently featured prominently in the news for trumping up excuses to pull out of a scheduled fight. Disappointed Ghanaian boxing fans took to various social media platforms to vent their anger, causing the boxer’s name to trend online. The first oral usage of the word ‘ayittey-power’ is however unclear but our monitoring team confirms ‘ayittey-power’ has generated enough currency and usage frequency to warrant addition to our new words.”

In Other News…..

The government of Ghana will ayittey-power its promise to repay the nation’s external debt. The decision was taken after the government’s spiritual advisor, Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. Judas, who is also the founder and CEO of Holy Gospel Anointed Mountain Of Abundant Faith and Blessings International Believers Ministries, reportedly advised against honouring any debt repayment commitments because the spirit finds scheduled repayment dates to be unfavourable.

The senior nation team, the Black Stars, is also considering ayittey-powering it’s World Cup commitment. The Reverend Archbishop Major General Dr. Judas is rumoured to have again advised the team to pull out of the prestigious competition because the spirit finds the tournament dates unfavourable.

YesiYesi pledges never to ayittey-power our promise to bring you daily exclusives.





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