Black Queens to take tips from CHRAJ boss on how to make hotel ‘home away from home’

Members of the national women’s football team who have so far refused to vacate their hotel rooms at the M Plaza Hotel over unpaid bonuses have called on the head of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice (CHRAJ) to share tips and best practices on how to make their hotel rooms feel more like home.

The Black Queens say any advice from Madam Lauretta Lamptey, who has extensive experience making a home out of a taxpayer-funded-$456-per-day luxurious hotel suite, will help make their extended stay at M Plaza a more pleasant one.

Unlike their male counterparts who had some $3m cash airlifted to Brazil to settle outstanding bonuses during the World Cup, the Queens are yet to see a dime of their unpaid bonuses, even after outperforming our male national teams in all recent competitions to claim gold at the just ended All Africa Games.

The ladies who are determined to remain at the team’s official hotel until the Ministry of Youth and Sports settles this bonus row, will today send a delegation to the CHRAJ boss to get tips on how she managed to make her $456 per day luxury suite feel every inch like her former $5,500 per month rented home.

“We plan to stay here till we receive our bonuses, so until then, auntie Lauretta will be our mentor,” explained a member of the team.

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