BREAKING NEWS: Wealthy man buys a house

Forget about the floods that claimed a life and displaced several others in Kumasi over the weekend. We have some breaking news that will send shock waves through the entire nation. 

A man who reportedly earns tax-free wages of about £140,000 per week has acquired a big house in a suburb of Accra.

The new house which is made of concrete, steel, tiles and glass boasts of a number of bedrooms, wardrobes, sofas, toilets, showers and a car garage. The interior of the property also features several pictures of the owner of the house. 

A reporter who described himself as “a journalist with an eye for news” confirmed that the big house which has dominated media attention throughout the weekend will be home to its owner and his family. They will be expected to live in the house where they will do what every other family does- eat, play, watch TV and sleep.

When this wealthy 29 year old is not at home, he may either be hanging out with a certain University of Ghana student or he may be at work in far away United Arab Emirates where he has a five year contract which is expected to be worth around £36.5 million. 

There is only so much one can write about a big house, so we will end here with a promise to bring you more news on this big house. 

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