Elvis lands Nollywood movie deal after spectacular weeping act at inquiry

An unnamed Nigerian movie producer has reportedly offered Ghana’s former Youth and Sports Minister, a multimillion dollar acting role after Elvis Afriyie Ankrah put up an Oscar-winning display at the World Cup Commission of Inquiry.

The Nigerian producer was won over by Elvis’s incredible ability to swiftly switch from the role of a composed confident minister to a sobbing broken man, a skill that is much sought after in Nollywood. “He is a rare talent. One minute he is playing the role of Oga-at-the-top, confidently defending why and how he spent GHC 22,857 of the tax payers money on a website and app, the next minute he has his handkerchief out, sobbing uncontrollably like a naughty school boy trying to get some sympathy out of a teacher hell-bent on administering punishment.”

The movie deal will see Elvis star alongside Oscar Pistorius, the South African paralympic athlete, in a Nollywood adaptation of an old novel entitled “Croc Tears.” The story follows the lives of Chopper and Shooter, two men, both with an exceptional ability to sob their way out of answering tough questions.

A day after his spectacular display at the commission of inquiry, close friends of the former Youth and Sports Minister revealed they had no idea the honourable man had that in his locker. “We never knew Elvis had such great acting skills, he must have picked it up from all the time he spent with that World Cup ambassador,” remarked one insider.

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